CERI : Lutung Kasarung dan Purbasari

CERI wants to tell you about a story of Lutung Kasarung and Purbasari. Purbasari was chosen to be the Queen yet her elder sister, Purbararang, could not accept it. She made Purbasari leave the Kingdom and stay in a jungle. Purbasari met Lutung Kasarung, the lost monkey, who accompanied her days there. Would she be able to come back to the Kingdom and take her place as the Queen? Find and enjoy the story of "Lutung Kasarung and Purbasari".

Special Key Features:

  • Charming and outstanding graphics
  • Good story
  • No violence
  • Interesting interactive activities
  • Attractive background music and sound effects
  • Bilingual
  • Library that connected to the AppStore

And our latest inventions:

  • Joyful CERI theme song
  • Swipe or press the button to flip the pages
  • Choose your own favourite pages to start the story

Available On:

  • Free Version
  • Premium Version